Fort Knox Defender 7251

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Durable & Practical

The Defender Vault is our workhorse. Its design standards are superior to the high-end products of most other manufacturers. Compare the 10-gauge steel body, 13 locking bolts, 1/2” door edge thickness and 1680° in 90 min fire protection of the Defender Vault and see how it stands out from the rest of the safe industry.

Vault Features  
Size: 72x51x27-30 inches Weight: 1505 lbs
Fire Protection Rating 1680 Degrees Fahrenheit in 90 min
Overall Body Steel Thickness 10 GAUGE
Door Edge Steel Thickness 1/2" 
Locking Bolts 13
Lights Optional
Dehumidifier Optional
Door Organizer Optional
Hinge Caps Optional

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