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New Arrivals


The BIG Boy Is Here 72x56x28

The new Dakota XL has finally arrived. This boy can hold anything and everything plus some. This big boy can hold up to 52 long rifles and 18 pistol (on the door).  

Fire rated at 1200 degrees for 1 hr and 30 mins


What is the Dakota XL

The new Dakota XL is a beautiful grey powder coated safe with two full layers of  10 gauge in the door, 10 gauge body weighting 1550 lbs, comes with lights, electric outlet, pull handle and 20 of the 1.5 inch locking bolts. The door organizer has 18 pistol pockets, 9 pockets and pouches.


Dakota Welds

 The welds on Dakota Safe is one of the most important features. Most mid range safes use only spot welds and bondo to hold their safes together. You can read and watch many videos showing how easy it is to break open a safe with only a hand sledge. Dakota Safe Company puts particular attention to detail in the construction of their safes. Each safe features a fully continuous welded body. Each plate of steel welded together with one solid welded bead to join each plate at the seams and effectively make them one solid plate of steel. This process makes for a more solid constructed safe and makes Dakota Safes of of the toughest, most durable safes on the market. You won't find a single ounce of bondo in a Dakota Safe. The proof is in the welds and Dakota sports proof of fully continuous welds in every safe they build.