Keeping Your Family Safe


The Vault Door Store

Golden Spike Vault & Security


Our process starts with only quality raw materials that are then fabricated by our craftsmen. With a strong crafted door completed. taking your door from steel to a work of art right down to the final nut and bolt, your security is at the forefront of all we do.  

Fort Knox Vaults


 You work hard for what you have. Now it’s time to protect it. You own items that are irreplaceable; things that hold great sentimental or monetary value. You don’t want to store them in a safe that just looks secure. Our safes and vaults are made using durable and reliable products that we stand behind 100%.



 When a safe just isn't big enough, you can turn an entire room into secure storage with a Vault Door. Whether for new construction or an existing room, the Vault Door can be installed to add walk-in security that won't soon be outgrown. 

Rhino Metals


 At Rhino Metals you can get a wide range of American Made Gun Safes and similar equipment, manufactured using the finest quality of metal and iron which can be beneficial to store your arms safely.

American Security


 AMSEC Vault Doors offer the same protection as our innovative BF and NF Gun Safes. . With our inward-swinging vault door option, your vault room can also serve as a storm shelter. The vault door’s inward swing ensures that you will be able to open the door even if debris has fallen on the other side. All AMSEC vault doors can be opened from the inside, ensuring personal safety. .